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Come and dine in this restaurant at Mac Resort Hotel where culinary creativity meets Ko Chang! We offer you a unique experience with our excellent chefs who will make the best of both local flavors and international cuisine at quality levels.

Main Dining Room: Natural lighting, large windows, and a rounded ceiling will bring fresh air to the atmosphere for diners of every meal on any day. A delicious buffet breakfast provides plenty of choices, from fresh fruit through pastries to hot dishes—you will find the perfect start to your day. Our à la carte menu offers a diverse selection for both lunch and dinner, with everything from classic Thai specialties to international favorites made using the finest ingredients.

Beachfront Bar and Grill: Choose a chill dining experience, place your order at the bar or with beach service. Surrounded by the ocean, you enjoy mesmerizing seafood cooked on the grill with an ocean view. Enjoy a signature cocktail or glass of wine from our vast selection. Lulled by the waves and caressed by an indulgent sea breeze, this is a perfect setting to savor that meal of yours.

Theme Nights: Experience the diversity of Thai culinary tradition and more with our regularly organized themed nights. The events are anything from seafood feasts to Thai BBQ nights, all of which have been crafted with a very specific ingredient in mind, providing the guest an exciting and different experience. Those nights are often livened up with live music and cultural performances that add to the party atmosphere.

Private Dining: For guests seeking a more intimate dining experience, we offer options for small groups. From a candle-lit private dinner to an all-out family feast, we will help you create the perfect setting and menu for your special day. Enjoy idyllic beach dining experiences under the stars or in your villa.

In Mac Resort Hotel’s restaurant, all the food is an excuse for you to practice your tasting skills in Ko Chang. We welcome you, and our restaurant aims to make your trip enjoyable!